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Problems with Sliding Bra Straps

Sliding Shoulder Straps!  

Is it an issue for you? Or for someone your know?

For many women this is a constant and frustrating problem. Bra-fitters, in a lingerie shops, see this all the time. There are many women who come in specifically looking for a bra where the straps stay put.

There is nothing worse than ruining a beautiful outfit with boring, tired or ugly bra straps,

Seriously, how many times have you suffered the indignity of reaching into your shirt to yank your bra strap back up onto your shoulder?

Or have you cranked your straps down so tight they have created gutters in your shoulders?

Until recently, there have been very few real solutions to this problem.  

Oh, we've certainly tried...

In recent years, women have latched on to those clear silicone straps...which is, in deed, sometimes a

But shiny, clear bra straps that become sticky and uncomfortable in hot weather, and change colour isn't alwasy a fashion solution that we can live with. We find that the clear straps are more suitable for smaller cup sizes because they tend to cut into the shoulder after a while.
.Also...clear bra straps are clearly not invisible bra straps.

Straps that show. So - we've given up on trying to keep them hidden or camouflaged, and are now sporting straps as part of a fashion statement.
Pretty straps
The latest trend is to simply make the bra-strap part of your fashion “look”
Indeed, colourful straps can be a fashion statement and an asset when they actually enhance your outfit.
Visible bra straps can be found everywhere, and many are very pretty, adding sparkle to evening wear.
Jewelled straps
Black bra straps are not really a fashion look.. They definitely add a line or two to your fashion statement.
Black straps
Bra Clip
Currently on the market, are some versions of an ornamental plastic-strap attachment that tries to solve the problem by pulling both straps closer to the centre of the back. For some this makes a difference. Keep in mind though, that when bras are designed, careful thought is given to strap placement in the front and back of the bra. Changing the angle and tension of your straps and cups, by using strap clips, can not only pinch your breasts, causing fitting problems and visible distortion; but also cause needless stress to the bra itself.
Bra clip
Bra Garter Somewhat more practical is the little garter that attaches the straps in the back - making the bra a racerback. As with the clips I mentioned earlier, many women find them almost impossible to apply by themselves, and give up on them after the “honeymoon” period. You find yourself either struggling to get in the bra while the strap is already in place, or trying to reach behind to snap the straps on in back while the bra is on!” Great for contortionists. Not a great everyday solution for the rest of us.

And finally, there is the silicone shoulder cushion. This is basically a 2” in wide slap of silicone with built-in overlays to wrap around the bra strap. It works!, and is probably the most practical solution – in spite of its high visibility. Many women can not wear it, because silicone is unbreathable and tends to trap moisture against the skin.
So – those have been our options – until now.

Let me introduce you to Strap-Stay!

Strap-Stay! Stops Bra Straps from Sliding
Stay is just a little very flat strip of magic. Its, flexible, comfortable and reusable.

Here's how it works

Its a very thin and flexible strip that has two sides.
One side has tiny hooks, and the other has a smooth non-slip surface.

Strap- stay is very simple to apply – you can do it yourself; while wearing the bra!

Simply roll the strap over so the underside is facing up.
Now, position the strip with the tiny hooks facing down onto the strap. The strip will attach itself to the stretchy soft under-side of the strap. Press to secure. Now roll the strap right-side-up., The smooth non-slip surface will rest against the shoulder, keeping the bra-strap from sliding laterally on your skin.
Strap-Stay is invisible under the bra strap. And remains in place until it is taken off.

Strap-stay is very easy to care for. It can be washed by itself or while attached to your hand-washed bras. And by the way, bra manufacturers do recommend hand-washing for almost all bras.

Strap-stay is reusable. It can be attached to any standard bra strap that is made of flat elastic. It can be permanently attached to one bra or moved from bra to bra.  

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